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inReach™ is made by Delorme from Yarmouth, Maine, USA. DeLorme is a leading global provider of mapping and GPS solutions. DeLorme has a passionate team of inventors, technologists, and explorers who bring together deep experience in map data creation, map data management, software development, and integration with GPS. DeLorme continues to be honoured with industry-wide awards and worldwide acclaim for innovative GPS mapping, satellite communications, and the revolutionary changes they have brought to global navigation and communication.
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Your inReach™ service is inReach provided by Pivotel, Australasia’s leading Mobile Satellite Services Provider. Pivotel provides Consumers and Enterprise & Government customers with innovative Mobile Satellite services including Satellite Phones with Standard Mobile numbers, Personal Satellite Communicators and Remote Worker Safety and Asset Tracking Systems.
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Need a complete Remote Worker Safety Solution? From early 2013 inReach™ will be offered with TracerTrak, Pivotel’s Enterprise Grade Remote Worker Safety Solution. TracerTrak lets you easily manage large groups of remote workers in one place, automatically monitor for sked check-ins and raise an alarm when a scheduled check in is missed and quickly and simply allocate inReach™devices to personnel.
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